Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring 2012 Starts Soon!

I just sent out the invites for you all to join the team. Everyone but Matt Shenkel should be able to do it on-line. You'll need to pay $30.00 via paypal to MUSL when you join the team. Matt Schenkel will need to go to the MUSL office to register in person and get an ID card.

Be sure that you join the 2012 squad. Last yeaqr we had issues w/ people accidently re-joining the previous year's squad.

At the moment, I'm looking at 21 people on the e-mail list, but Elizabeth wont be playing in the spring as she is pregnant. SHe plans to play in the fall though. I imagine a couple of you won't be joining us this year (Roger and Dan Bird) which would bring our squad to 18 for the spring. However, Roger and Dan Bird, if you're playing on another team, be sure to join this one too and possibly come out to a few games when you can.

Hopefully, we can get a couple more new people to sign up soon too.

Along with the $30.00 you pay when you join the team, we'll need money for field fees, ref fees, the team registration fee, and new shirts:

Field Fee = $200.00
Ref Fees = $70.00 per game (16 games) = $1120.00
Team Reg Fee = $100.00

Sub-Total = $1420.00

at 18 People it comes to $80.00

Shirts = $30.00 (per person)
Total= $110.00

The sooner I start getting money, the sooner I can pay the registration fee and Dan and i can deal w/ shirts.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring 2011 Schedule and Line-ups

Here's the schedule for the 2011 season:
17 April 2011 - 11:00 Heritage Park field 5 v Brighton B-52s
1 May 2011 - 3:00 Heritage Park field 5 v Brighton B-52s**
15 May - 12:00 Dibrova Park v Hoverla FC 30
22 May - 1:00 Heritage Park field 5 v Hoverla FC 30
5 June - Time: TBD Location: TBD (home) v winner of Oxford United v FC United**
12 June - 3:00 Heritage Park field 5 v Takaturko FC
19 June - 11:00 Heritage Park field 5 v Oxford United FC
26 June - 1:00 Heritage Park v Brighton B-52s
10 July - Time: TBD Location: TBD (away) v TBD***
24 July - Time: TBD Location: TBD (away) v TBD****
14 August - Founders' Cup Final TBD
28 August - 11:30 Dibrova Park v Brighton B-52s
11 September - 1:00 Heritage Park field 5 v FSC Pumas
18 September - 12:00 Visteon v FSC Pumas
25 September - 12:00 Oxford Elementary School v Oxford United FC
2 October - 11:00 Heritage Park field 5 v Takaturko FC
9 October - 12:00 Dibrova Park v Hoverla FC 30
16 October - 11:00 Heritage Park field 5 v Oxford United FC
23 October - 3:00 Heritage Park field 5 v Takaturko FC
30 October - 11:00 Heritage Park field 5 v FSC Pumas

*Founders' Cup: Round One
**Founders' Cup Round Two
*** Founders' Cup Quarter Final Match
****Founders' Cup Semi-Final match

Of course, the schedule is subject to change. I will bring beer for the first game; after that, there will be a sign-up sheet for subsequent matches. Don't forget to bring money so we can pay the refs!

As for the line-up, Dan and I have been talking and this is what we've determined for the first match based on the people who have said they will be there.

Goalie: Steven
Defense: Adam, Eric, Andre, Bill, Cal
Midfield: Joe, Liz, Pat, Dan, Kenny, Rick
Striker: Greg, Matt

We've decided on a 4-1-4-1 style formation. With Dan or Ken sitting in front of the defenders, this will allow the other midfielders to attack more. We will also need the outside defenders to get forward up the wings in which case, a central defender will slide over and the defensive midfielder will drop back to cover. This also means that the four attacking midfielders need to be paying attention and moving around. Don't get too locked into the positions; always be switching around. this movement should help spread out the field and keep things fun. The other thing we need to remember is that we don't need to rush the attacks. Remember to bring the ball back. We can't let the striker get isolated up top, so the support passes and hold-up play is important to allow everyone to stay up w/ the play.

We should have three subs, so remember to work hard and sub often.

Lastly, I created a fancy Facebook page for the team. I added you if we're facebook pals, but if not, add yourself!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Team Update

I just checked the roster again and things seem to be coming together well. As of right now, we have 16 people on the roster:

Myself, Dan M., Pat Q., Roger J., Cal P., Adam D., Joe T., Kenny M., Bill B., Eric R., Steven G., Greg K., Tony D., Paul R., Brian N., and Joe F.

I've heard from Matt V., Liz M. and Jeremy A., all of whom are in the process of registering. Also, there is Rick R., Dan B. and Liz and Dan's neighbor, Mike, who may also join. If you're one of these people, be sure to have your registration done in the next couple weeks.

At this point, we're looking at between 19 and 22 people on the roster. A few (Cal, Pat, Liz and Roger) have suggested they won't be able to make it as often as we'd like, but as long as we can get 16 or 17 each week, we'll be in much better shape than last year.

From what I can tell, Kenny, Roger, Joe F, and Greg will need shirts as will Rick and Mike if they join. I have almost enough; we still need to buy a couple back from people from last year if we can, otherwise I'll order a few more.

As far as line-ups are concerned, Dan M. and I were talking this weekend and we're looking at a 4-2-3-1

Goalie: Steven, Dan M

4 - Defense: Adam, Eric, Brian, Cal, Paul, Dan B, Me, Dan M

2 - Holding Midfield: Myself, Dan M, Roger, Joe T, Eric

3 - Attacking Mid: Pat, Liz, Joe T, Cal, Roger, Kenny, Jeremy, Me, Bill, Rick, Tony

1 - Striker: Matt, Roger, Dan B, Tony, Pat

I'm not sure where Mike, Greg, or Joe F. play, but we'll definitely be able to find a spot for them.

I'd like to see the outside defenders getting forward up the wings and then the central defenders or holding midfielder covering for them. I'd also like to try not worrying too much about right/left/center w/ the attacking midfielders and have them switching and rotating all the time. As long as each area is covered, it doesn't matter who is covering it. That means we need to work on the communication though. The other issue to keep in mind is our reluctance to go backwards. Often, we left our striker a bit stranded w/ no where to go but 40 yards straight to goal which rarely works. If we can hold up the play a bit and control more in the middle, as we move up, the striker will have support and more options. We have a lot of options and I think the changes we've made will really strengthen the squad.

The other thing we discussed is the possibility of a beer-list. If people are interested, as soon as I get the schedule, I'll set something up so everyone can pick a week to bring beer.

Let's plan to get together on a Saturday soon for a kick-about. That will give us a chance to get to know the new folks and say hi to the old folks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring 2011

So far, we've got 7 people on the roster for this year: Myself, Dan M., Dan B., Adam, Cal, Bill, & Roger. I've heard from most of you and you've expressed that you plan on playing, so be sure to complete the registration soon. They want to ensure that everyone is registered by St. Patrick's Day. Many of you are "in progress" which means either you haven't paid yet (40 dollars), you need a new photo, or your e-mail isn't on file. Be sure to check what the problem is and get it done soon.

It's looking like we should have 15 people to who the invites have been sent. So assuming most of you still plan to play plus the 7 who are already on the roster, I imagine we're looking at 18-20 people which would be good, but a couple more would be nice. Jeremy has indicated that he knows people, Joe found someone, and Dan found someone. I also found a couple more people, so I think we'll be OK, but if you know people be sure to get in touch w/ them soon so I can get them the invite to the league.

In other news, get a plain white t-shirt and write your number on the back w/ a permanent marker in case we have a home game against a green team again. Since we only needed to change once last year, buying a nice second shirt seems like a wast of money, but we might need something. This seems like the best option. If you weren't oin the team last year, you'll need to get a shirt from me. The are 20 dollars and I have XLs, XXLs and maybe a couple Ls left. Numbers are in the 20s if I remember correctly. They're in the basement; I'll dig them out this week.

Also, lets try to get together a few times before the first game for a little kick about. I suppose Saturday afternoons would be good. We could do it in Ypsi, in Canton or elsewhere. Anything is fine w/ me. Right now, I think Frog Island would be good because it's always available.

Verde at MUSL Site

Sunday, June 27, 2010

emergency post

The match for Sunday June 27 is at Oxford Elementary School on Pontiac
N of drahner.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

2010 Schedule and Match Reports

Sun 18 April: Heritage 5 v Canton Takaturko FC 0-5 Away Match Report
Sun 25 April: Heritage 5 v Brighton B-52s 2-4 Home Match Report
Sun 2 May: Croatia Park (Cup Match) v Anchor Bay Anchors 0-7 Away Match Report
Sun 16 May: 3:00 Heritage 5 (v Orion Gold Rush) Home
Sun 23 May: 3:00 Heritage 5 (v Oxford United FC) Home
Sun 13 June: 1:00 Heritage 5 (v CSC Rovers) Away
Sun 20 June: 10:00 Heritage ? (v CSC Rovers) Home
Sun 27 June: 10:00 Oxford High School #1 (v Oxford United FC) Away
Sun 22 Aug: 1:00 Independence 7 (v Oxford United FC) Home
Sun 29 Aug: 11:00 Independence 7 (v Takaturko FC) Home
Sun 19 Sept: 10:00 ACH (v FCS Pumas) Away
Sun 3 Oct: 11:00 Dibrova Park (v Brighton B-52s) Away
Sat Oct 9: 4:00 ACH (v FCS Pumas) Away
Sun 10 Oct: 1:00 Independence 7 (v CSC Rovers) Away
Sun 17 Oct: 10:00 Orion Twp Friendship Park (v Orion Gold Rush) Away
Sun Oct 24: 11:00 Independence 7 (v FSC Pumas) Home

*** clicking on the links will take you to a map. Some are quite a ways away. we should consider car-pooling... or getting a bus for all the fans.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Registration News

The first game of the season will be on Sunday, April 18. Everyone needs to get to the MUSL office, 4921 Leafdale Blvd., Royal Oak as soon as possible in order to register and get an ID card. The ID cards will be sent to me and we need them for the first match, so the sooner people get on this the better. I went yesterday w/ Dan and it was easy. The people were nice, so don't fear it... get on it! The office is open a few evenings during the week and Saturday mornings from 9:00-12:00. Greg has organized a pick-up game in Ferndale on Saturday afternoons, and Dan and Elizabeth said everyone could come by on Sat. the 3rd, register, go to the pick-up game and then back to their place for beers. Even if you get there to register before then, you should consider coming out that day. It'll be a good chance to meet the new people an work out the winter slowness.

*Scheduling fee: $100. Paid.
*Registration $1,000 per team (plus a $200 bond for teams in their first season). I need 1/3 to them by May 31.
*Jerseys will be about $12 dollars. I need that money as soon as possible so I can order them and get them before April 18.
* Field fees are $200 for Canton
* Referee fees are $70 per game.

The total cost will come to about $155 per person which will cover everything. The season runs for 6 weeks starting April 18 and then picks up again for the final 8 weeks in the end of August. The cost covers the entire 14 week season. No extra money will be spent in the fall. Please send me a check for $75 this week so I can get moving on the shirts and then everyone will need to get me the other $100 by June 15. Make the check to me so I can divvy it up between the shirt company, MUSL, and the refs.
Andre Peltier
324 Oak St
Ypsilanti, MI

After this year, the total cost will be $200 less per team plus we won't need new shirts.

This is new info as of 5 April 2010.

*** I added a "Pay Pal" button to the sidebar so those of you who have yet to pay the initial $75.00 can do it RIGHT NOW! E-mail me once you've paid so I can make sure it went through properly and then cross you off of the list.

*** I also added some suggested reading to the sidebar for those of you who need to properly prepare for the season & for this summer's World Cup.

*** It turns out that we only need one shirt because there are no other green teams in the league. Secondly, the shirt we had planned on is out of stock so Dan & I decided on a different one @ a similar price. I'm not quite as happy with it, but it will be fine. I ordered them this morning and they should be here by end of this week or the beginning of next week. The prices ended up going up 5 bucks, but I got them to give us a discount so we payed $12.05 a shirt which included numbering (otherwise, numbering would have been $1.50 extra per shirt) so in the end, they were about the same price. Dan & I (in a fit of family bonding ridiculousness) also designed a crest, & we will look into the pricing and turn-around time for getting those printed. If it's only a buck or so per shirt, I think we can cover it.
Here is the shirt we ended up choosing... and the crest which we would put on the left breast.